Shanti Forest, aka TCDF Eco-Logic, welcomes you with Southern Thai hospitality!

Shanti Forest is located in the southern part of Thailand, Chumpon province. On the map you will find us in between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. We are easy to reach and we can offer you many ways to enjoy your holiday and nature in a different way. The aim of Shanti Forest is - together with local authorities and local people - to organize small scale eco-tourism in Southern Thailand (Paksong village).


Eco tourism is tourism that respects the local environment. Nature as well as culture. We are absolutely not fanatical, but with all actions, activities, projects and decisions Shanti Forest tries to choose the option that damages the local environment as little as possible.


Shanti Forest works closely together with the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF). TCDF funds several projects on the premises next to Shanti Forest (social and educational). Their projects are aimed on helping children in the area in their development, also have a positive effect on the environment. For visitors who are interested we are more then happy to explain about -for example- the organic farm, the Natural Clay building project, the water filter systems, the 'Say no to plastic bags' project, other environmental educational projects, the garbage system, cooperation and partnerships with our neighbors and the Thai Culture and language courses.


Shanti Forest tries to work in an environmentally friendly way. We hope that the Shanti Forest will inspire you to visit the village of Paksong, with it's pristine mountains, the rain forests, the waterfalls and of course the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam with its many beautiful islands and beaches close by.


We welcome you with

Southern Thai hospitality

at Shanti Forest!

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Shanti Forest Paksong is also known as TCDF Eco-Logic (our local partner)

You can reach Shanti Forest/TCDF Eco-Logic at +66 (0)8 6172 1090, or you can use our contactform

Save the Rainforest

Shanti Forest has been buying rainforest areas around the lodge over the last years. So far we managed to buy and safe about 70 Ry of forest.

We hope to be able to do this to make sure the beautiful rainforest surrounding our lodge will not be cut down for agriculture.


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Please ask our staff about this project when you are visiting Shanti Forest, they can tell you more.